How Artificial Intelligence helping into photogrammetry?

Well Photogrammetry is a science where you study different remote sensing raster images or normal RGB and use those for further use cases.

Coming of Drones into existence help to achieve higher and reliable information collection from drone captured data.

It provides you different information about image as well as GPS location at higher accuracy. Which Leeds to better planning for different as per they need.

Top firms use drone and Photogrammetry for planning

  • Construction site
  • Solar plant for monitoring
  • Agriculture for taking insight of crops.
  • River inspection to keep it clean
  • It Can be used in Forest e.t.c

How Artificial Intelligence can help you in Photogrammetry .

  • Anomalies detentions for finding any unique features or changes.
  • Segmentation into number of classes as much you want .
  • With 3D computer vision concept you can work easily on point cloud data .


Machine Learning enthusiast |Python |C++|JavaScript|Tensorflow|keras

Machine Learning enthusiast |Python |C++|JavaScript|Tensorflow|keras