Data Warehousing

Happy reading to all, In this section, I will give you is the basic idea of the monster word Data Warehousing.

So before we start discussing data warehousing let’s understand transaction is Processing or Analytics?

Transaction Processing or Analytics?

As Data Science comes under the rise the database transaction no longer limits to perform only traditional transactions with the ACID property.

Now the need for database access is changing, you should have to make low-latency reads and writes as opposed to batch processing jobs, which only run periodically.

E.g: Data analytics require very different access patterns and perform algorithms over huge records in low…

Hello, For a couple of weeks I was trying to deploy the TensorFlow model (hand digit recognition) with edge devices. Within this post, we are going to discuss how we can deploy the TensorFlow model on edge devices like jetsonNano or any edge device.

Workflow for the deployment of TensorFlow model

I would advise you that always consider model optimization during your application development process. This document outlines some best practices for optimizing Tensorflow models for deployment on edge hardware

Hello, Today I am going to share with you the basics of linear regression. For this, I haven’t planned to use Gradient Descent as I want the model to be a little fast and quick.

So, I am going to apply Closed-Form(Normal Equation) on Linear Regression with RMSE to get θ (model’s parameter vector). we will see this as we go on.

Linear regression
Linear regression

Ok let’s start with Linear regression

The linear model predicts by simple computing a weighted sum of the input features, plus a constant called bias term.

Well Photogrammetry is a science where you study different remote sensing raster images or normal RGB and use those for further use cases.

Coming of Drones into existence help to achieve higher and reliable information collection from drone captured data.

It provides you different information about image as well as GPS location at higher accuracy. Which Leeds to better planning for different as per they need.

Top firms use drone and Photogrammetry for planning

  • Building inspection
  • Construction site
  • Solar plant for monitoring
  • Agriculture for taking insight of crops.
  • River inspection to keep it clean
  • It Can be used in Forest e.t.c

How Artificial Intelligence can help you in Photogrammetry .

  • Object detection and counting any objects.
  • Anomalies…


I was working on analyzing the relation between the moisture and the spectral response of the soil to generate prediction of moisture. The photographs were taken under homogeneous light condition and with previous correction for the white balance of the digital photograph camera. The images were processed for extraction of the median values in the Red, Green and Blue bands of the RGB color space; Hue, Saturation and Value of the HSV color space; and values of the digital numbers of a panchromatic image obtained from the RGB bands. It was observed the darkening of the soil with the…

Humans use their eyes and their brains to see and visually sense the world around them. Computer vision is the science that aims to give a similar, if not better, capability to a machine or computer.

Computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful and meaning information from a single image or a sequence of images. It involves the development of a theoretical and algorithmic basis to achieve automatic visual understanding.

Industries working on this field



Applications of Computer Vision for Assessing Quality of Agricultural-food Products

Computer vision, comprising a damage less assessment approach, has the aptitude to estimate the characteristics of food products with its advantages of fast speed…

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